Not your father's financial advisors

Today's financial planning environment requires a different set of skills than that of 30 years ago.  Financial advisors working with clients today face an ever increasing array of financial products to choose from to meet their clients’ needs; stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, private placement investments, real estate investment trusts,  and life insurance just to name a few.  Because every client’s situation is different, it is important to not overlook any product that might have an appropriate place in a particular portfolio.  Today Cheryl and I are also relearning products that have been redesigned to keep up with an ever changing and ever increasing regulatory environment.  We know that you, our clients, want to know how to make the most of dual income households,  what the effect of ever changing tax brackets is on income and savings, how to approach the rising cost of college for your children and grandchildren, how to manage the responsibilities of being the “sandwich generation” of individuals caring for children and parents.  The current environment for financial planning includes accounting for changing healthcare costs, not to mention the availability of healthcare coverage, the elimination of private pensions, ever changing public pensions, not to mention the desire for authentic financial advice that is not necessarily comprised of one dimensional wealth accumulation on the balance sheet.  You, today's financial planning clients, want more out of life than numbers on a page.  It won't be important to you what the balance in your bank account was on the day that you passed away.  What will be important is that you utilized your financial resources to their fullest extent for a rich life.  Your goal is not to be labeled “rich” in life but to actually live a rich life.  We get that and would love to show you how to make more of what you are already doing to achieve this end.  Come check us out!