What to do during market down turns

What to do during a period of market volatility


What to do when the market experiences its down days has everything to do with how quickly you may need to access those investments.  Individuals who are accumulating wealth should think opportunistically about market drops while individuals who are in or close to retirement should be focused on how to keep themselves from selling assets that are intended for long term growth during normal periodic loss cycles.  After all, the best days in the market tend to follow the worst!  Normally, it is YOUR BEHAVIOUR right now that will determine how your portfolio will perform for you overtime.  This can be evidenced by the fact that the average return for an individual investor is much worse than the average return of every market index except inflation.



Beware the "Free Annuity Review"

Recently, Cheryl and I have been hearing advertisements on the radio for a "free annuity review" which is being stated as a “$500 Value.”  We’d like to take the opportunity to share our thoughts on the subject of Annuities and this promotional offer.


Retaining Tax Season Documents

Individual record keeping for Tax season and beyond.


Tax Implications for Alimony in Divorce Settlements Post 2018

If you’ll be paying Alimony as a part of your Divorce agreement, make sure your Divorce is completed in 2018!

There's an app for that!

Investor 360 users - did you know that you can also access your account information via the "Investor 360" app for iPhones and Androids? Simply look up "Investor 360" in your available apps and download to your phone.  Access account balances, mobile deposit checks and more!  Just one more way to add convenience to your financial life. 

Not your father's financial advisors

Today's financial planning environment requires a different set of skills than that of 30 years ago.  Financial advisors working with clients today face an ever increasing array of financial products to choose from to meet their clients’ needs; stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, private placement investments, real estate investment trusts,  and life insurance just to name a few.  Because every client’s situation is different, it is important to not overlook any product that might have an appropriate place in a particular portfolio.  Today Cheryl and I are also relea

The Financial "Dance"

The steps towards financial freedom almost never follow a linear path.  Life can present any one of us with circumstances in which we choose to make financial sacrifices for a greater end result.  In our practice, we have seen parents help to pay for a child’s college tuition, individuals quitting a job that added no meaning or passion to their lives (sometimes along with that individual risking it all to start a new business too!).  We see couples who dissolve a long-term relationship in which financial worlds were once combined.

Time to get back in touch with your professional associations!

Professional associations are now banding together to offer their members all sorts of benefits.

Moving in together?

Combining households is the perfect time to speak with a financial advisor. 

A lesson from Mary Poppins...

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of watching a high school summer production of Mary Poppins. As my daughter had been in her school's spring production, it was the second time I had seen the play in under three months. When I saw the play this time, it struck me that there are lots of great lessons in the play: be respectful, be curious, be open to new experiences, and know the difference between the value of money and its worth. We don't often stop to think about "value," but it is explained brilliantly to young Michael Banks by Mr.