A lesson from Mary Poppins...

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of watching a high school summer production of Mary Poppins. As my daughter had been in her school's spring production, it was the second time I had seen the play in under three months. When I saw the play this time, it struck me that there are lots of great lessons in the play: be respectful, be curious, be open to new experiences, and know the difference between the value of money and its worth. We don't often stop to think about "value," but it is explained brilliantly to young Michael Banks by Mr. Northbrook who, during a chance encounter at the bank, gives Jane and Michael each a coin:


Michael: I know the value of this: sixpence.

Northbrook: No, that's its worth. Its value's in how you spend it. Do good, and may you have good luck.


It's easy to forget that we are sending daily messages about what we value based on where and how we spend our money. If no one valued that morning cup of coffee, there would be no Starbucks. If no one valued entertainment, there would be no movie theaters, no Hollywood, no Netflix. Open your last bank statement (a novel concept in our paperless/ online world). What messages are you sending based on how and where you spend your money? Are those the messages you intended to send?