The Financial "Dance"

The steps towards financial freedom almost never follow a linear path.  Life can present any one of us with circumstances in which we choose to make financial sacrifices for a greater end result.  In our practice, we have seen parents help to pay for a child’s college tuition, individuals quitting a job that added no meaning or passion to their lives (sometimes along with that individual risking it all to start a new business too!).  We see couples who dissolve a long-term relationship in which financial worlds were once combined. We also get to witness the utilization of financial resources to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity, or to help people reach lifelong goals for self improvement such as better health, better relationships, or perhaps more community involvement.  Sometimes, financial resources are employed to pick up the financial responsibility of caring for a loved one when unexpectedly that person cannot care for themselves.  To some, making these decisions can seem like a “step backwards.” We don’t see it that way, because we understand that you’re not just plodding through life accumulating wealth.  Hopefully, your money is used in equal parts to experience life, to express and support your values as well as to provide a sense of security for the future.  Steps toward financial freedom are not a linear path.  They are, in fact, a dance.  A dance to ensure that the right steps are taken at the right time and that a misstep does not have long term consequences or unknown impacts.  The right financial advisor is your dance instructor, helping you navigate the ebb and flow of financial resources and guiding you through each step.  If you have experienced a few “backwards steps” in your life and you're looking for the right advice now, then I invite you to contact Artisan Financial Group and we can take the next step together.