Time to get back in touch with your professional associations!

Professional associations are now banding together to offer their members all sorts of benefits. Everything from discount movie tickets to long-term disability insurance. For some people, this may be a way to gain access to financial products that were not previously available to you due to health considerations. In 2017, plan to touch base with your professional associations and find out everything that they offer to their members to be able to take advantage of these types of savings. In addition, make sure you pay attention to new e-mails coming from these organizations to take as they offer new benefits. Often, you do not have to go through underwriting for insurance benefits offered to a group as a whole for the first time. But, if you delay in signing up for these types of benefits, you will most likely be subject to new insurance underwriting. Not aware of any associations you are eligible for? Try visiting "Career One Stop" from the Department of Labor https://www.careeronestop.org/businesscenter/ProfessionalAssociations/find-professional-associations.aspx?frd=true to see what organizations you may benefit from being a part of.